1. The image is not mine. It is a fantastic creation by bigblueboo that has caught some attention outside of the usual math tumblverse. You should definitely check out eir blog and if you like this post you should (also?) reblog the original. With that out of the way:

    Knot Theory. Knot theory is the study of objects called “knots” which are almost like knots in a shoelace, except the ends are then glued together. So the knots of knot theory cannot ever be removed from the string unless the string is allowed to pass through itself. Knot theory has risen to prominence recently as a hot topic in undergraduate research, and I have been told it has applications in the physical sciences.

    A “torus” is the surface of a perfectly round doughnut. Sometimes things are easy.

    [On the other hand, this definition is hiding these surprising and beautiful curves, so the simplicity is perhaps deceptive.]

    This characterization of the bigblueboo’s curve was brought to you by a discussion I’ve been having with eatsleepmath. You can see more curves (unfortunately not adorned with the stunning animation skills) here and here and here

    This object has inspired me to get off my lazy butt and start producing content for the blog again. It also happens to be an excellent source of mathematical content: I’m probably going to be doing a daily series of posts about it for at least two more days. You can see the previous installment in my last post. [whew! Lots of links today!]

    On an unrelated note, I love mathematics because… when I solve math problems I can say “we can simply slow down time” without any trace of irony or whimsy, and be taken completely seriously.

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    Right. Curves. “Curves” is the tag I have been searching for. Thank you :P
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