1. The image is not mine. It is a fantastic creation by bigblueboo that has caught some attention outside of the usual math tumblverse. You should definitely check out eir blog and if you like this post you should (also?) reblog the original. With that out of the way:

    Classical mechanics. Mechanics is the oldest subfield of physics, concerned with predicting the movement of objects in simple systems. “Classical” in the physical sense is a word used to mean that there is no consideration of relativistic or quantum effects.

    This object happens to be an excellent source of mathematical content: this post is part three of an ongoing series* as I discover some of its secrets. In the first post you can see a derivation of its symbolic equations of motion, and part two contains a sweet characterization.

    Thanks to the more physically-minded folks at Math StackExchange for helping me see why the naive solution was wrong :P

    (* It was daily but I think I’m moving it to once every two days because it’s pretty time consuming. There are at least two posts left, maybe more.)

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