1. The image is not mine. It is a fantastic creation by bigblueboo that has caught some attention outside of the usual math tumblverse. You should definitely check out eir blog and if you like this post you should (also?) reblog the original. With that out of the way:

    Classical mechanics. Mechanics is the oldest subfield of physics, concerned with predicting the movement of objects in simple systems. “Classical” in the physical sense is a word used to mean that there is no consideration of relativistic or quantum effects. Modern mechanics borrows heavily from the tools developed by analysis, and introductory calculus classes tend to teach the tools that physicists find useful for mechanics.

    In lieu of a mathematical definition, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Wolfram Alpha is the website your high school math teachers hoped you didn’t know about.

    bigblueboo’s image happens to be an excellent source of mathematical content: this post is part three of an ongoing series as I discover some of its secrets. In the first post you can see a derivation of its symbolic equations of motion, and part two contains a sweet characterization. This post quantifies the result of the third post, which explains that the non-constant speed in the gif is not (entirely) a result of the viewing angle.

    I have one more post of material mostly written before I officially end the series, and a couple more questions that I want to answer but will probably not be able to churn out in two days apiece. Maybe I’ll think of some more questions and do a “future work” post.

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